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Everybody, today, has a camera, which they use to click and record their memorable moments on their big day in Bhubaneswar, for example, birthday, wedding, pre-wedding or post-wedding, portraits, kid’s portfolio, or any other events. So why do you need professional photography service in Bhubaneswar for your big day? The answer to this question is simple. Your big day is the most special day of your life however you hardly get time to appreciate it, as you are too busy, full of nervousness and anxiety. All the other members of the family are also engaged in arranging different things and keeping everything perfect. The bride and groom, their friends and family, are all dependent on the best photography service in Bhubaneswar, and for that, they need a professional photographer in Bhubaneswar who can document it all and not miss the small but special details.

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We Can Shoot Photosession

Though there is on standard defination of photographic styles, it is a good idea to understand different approach to splash out on amazing snaps!

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Pre-wedding shoots are a great way to showcase who you are and what you will be after the big day.


Check out our wedding ideas to get inspiration for all of the special moments of the day.


Get your love captured and framed by us with plenty of post-wedding ideas and tips to keep the excitement alive!


CameraQueen are one of the pioneers in the field of candid wedding photography. We offer premium candid wedding services.

Wedding Album Design

Our wedding album design is unique. We take pride on focusing that no two photo albums will ever be the same.

Wedding Video Editing

CameraQueen offers high-quality and cost-effective Wedding Video Editing services by turing your raw video footage into memorable videos.


We are an award-winning newborn & maternity wedding photographer specialized in candid moments of beauty, messy, exhausting, fun, scary and exciting.


Event photography is all about the most lucrative gigs a professional photographer can have with guests and occurences at any occasion.


We get into the world of portrait photography by must-knowing tips to make your venture all the most successful about the subject.

Kids Portfolio

Getting kids excited at a younger age could prove to be extremely rewarding. It never too early to start a portfolio for your kids.


Fashion photography is all about the success behind portfolio of many models displaying clothing and other fashion items starting from studio shoots to the on location.


Cinematography involves the technique of using angle,s lenses, lighting, and camera equipment to take a impactful visual motion-picture photography.

Tele Film

Tele Film production program at CameraQueen continues to expand and becomes a leader in the industry. We produce fiction & non-fiction shows for various channels.


We perceived value of your products by the quality of your product photography which is the most important elements of your ecommerce business.

Commercial Adv. Shoot

We provide commercial product shoot primarily focusing on the visual appeal of the advertisement. Our commercial work ranges from on-location shoots to company events.

At Camera Queen, our photographers in Bhubaneswar know how to work in different surroundings, regardless of whether the wedding or birthday or any other events are in the morning or evening, they know how to work in tricky lights and situations, and are even aware of the different poses that will suit you the best.

Clear all your Doubts beforehand. Do not assume things

“We thought this was included” might end up being too risky. Make sure to go through the inclusions and exclusions. If something is not mentioned in the inclusions, it cannot possibly be arranged at the last moment. Double check all the parameters.

What is your Photography Service Budget in Bhubaneswar?

Everything depends on your taste and style. You may have spent a fortune on the venue, décor, and food but may give little significance to photography which is actually going to show across your spending. Our photography planners and experts are of the opinion that your photography budget should not be less than 10-15% of your total budget.

Regardless of whether you don’t go for a formal Contract when you are dealing with well-reputed photographers in Bhubaneswar, do make sure that you have put your point across and everything is very clear. Generally, well-reputed photographers in Bhubaneswar will share all the important highlights of the package and all details in writing with you so that there are no misunderstandings.